A what is a guy’s MKBHD here and this is the Sony Xperia Z and it’s a slab of metal and glass year. I found it to be the most mixed bag of all-time. Allow me to explain when your Sony you’re going out to make the high-end superphone to compete with the likes of the Galaxy Note 2 in the Droid DNA and other super high-end devices you go all out. Right you would had no high and materials high-end Bill quality high end internals high-end software the whole works. That’s what you expect when you get the Sony Xperia Z. So take a look at the body itself. It’s definitely sexy. You can’t take that away from it. It’s 7.99 thin and it’s got a piano black glass finish on the front and the back so it’s nice. There’s a 13.1 megapixel rear facing camera and LED flash on the back and all around. The phone has a pretty solid button layout in Powerpoint itself is a great button. It’s really big and easy to press and not too sensitive, which is nice doesn’t go off in your pocket. So the whole right hand side is basically the power button the volume rocker Which is less easy and the SIM card tray and on the left hand side you have you

MicroSD card slot which is covered by that allows for expandable storage device. All the ports are covered and steal it by plastic flaps. This is actually a bad thing is a good thing because when all these flaps are closed Vesperia Z is water-resistant for up to half an hour and three feet of water. So is things actually a bit rugged they were demoing it just like that at CES. So if you ask me is a pretty tough device every single important thing about this device has something hugely awesome about it and something hugely disappointing about it everything about this device. So starting let’s take take a look at the camera. It’s half awesome with a 13.1 megapixel sensor extremely fast performance. I noticed it takes pictures and burst shots very very quickly and I can take 1080p HDR videos of the capabilities are really high and the very intelligent and fast autofocus is really pleasing but it’s it’s pretty versatile yet the images it produces especially for Landscapes tend to be pretty soft with a below-average LED flash performance and overall. Not the best.

Call you something comfortable with the Galaxy Nexus. So on the software side of things. This guy is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. So that’s not bad. No word on the 4.2 update. But that is pretty pretty recent. Any positive side is that this is one of the less obtrusive skins on any Android 4.1 device out there. So that’s a good start. That’s a good sign. There’s also not a whole lot of Sony bloatware not a whole lot of bad pre-installed apps like we see on Verizon phones, that’s pretty good and the value-added features are definitely welcome. However, I am not a fan of the light gray software buttons at the bottom and in the notification bar. I would have preferred these to be I guess darker to match the black bezel or lighter to be like more transparent but that gray is just really awful in between and that seemed kind of permeates through out. So you might not think it’s ugly but there’s definitely room for improvement with design here and then there’s performance this thing in terms of performance flies actually can’t take anything away from the performance frame rates are constantly hide things just power through the most intensive apps and games without a problem and that’s that

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chip and 2GB of ramps at the quad core thing in this flies and of course kills benchmarks and you can check out how a crush is through data when browsing or image-heavy sites like The Verge very well done. But basically overall performance is Stellar on par with the Galaxy Note 2 and it’s just about as good as to don’t count the huge battery in the note to but then you have to look at that display Sony Xperia Z has a 1080p display. Yes. It does 440 PPI, but that is kind of becoming the megapixel count number and exit is extremely sharp and beautiful when you view it head-on and if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on a high-end smartphone like this, you do want it to have a sharp big beautiful display because you’re doing all the looking on the display. Unfortunately the good ends there. It’s kind of like having a 37 megapixel camera. That doesn’t take great photos. When you look at this display from even a few degrees off-axis the viewing angles the color reproduction.

The contrast just goes straight down hill you don’t even have to have it side-by-side with an Oppo Find 5 or a Droid DNA to notice that this display is subpar E. I mean, it’s definitely not that good. I haven’t personally looked at the HTC One’s display, but from the specs that I see I’m expecting it to be really good. So it’s going to be hard to compete and this thing just it lets me down. I’m really disappointed. The viewing angles are the most disappointing I couldn’t have asked for anything worse than this literally just a few degrees off-axis and it’s noticeably worse. And then there is the speaker misses. This is a terrible speaker. In fact, I’ll let you have a listing for yourself.

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So this very easy has its ups and its Downs like it has its really really high ups and its really really far down. I know it’s going to be hard to compare this to the HTC One and a Droid DNA but it’s going to be compared with those 1080p phones. It’s going to be compared with a Galaxy S4. Anything else high-end it comes out this year, but the comparison is really crazy. When you try to put a semi rugged water-resistant but also thin and elegantly designed phone up against something that’s just going all out in one Department email of Vesperia Z and I wouldn’t blame you this thing is sexy but a lot of people are going to pick it up just for the design which itself is okay, but definitely think twice about what you want in a phone and what you don’t want in a phone before throwing down the cat. So in the end, what is the deal with the Sony Xperia Z it is the biggest mixed bag. Everyone has so many things that are good about in so many things that are bad about it. Now if it was all bad or all good it will be easy to not working.

That’s fine or to recommend is fine. But you really have to pay attention to the goods in the bags and pick what you like about it and what you don’t like about it. And if they match up with your values, you might still go for this crazy. But for me, they don’t align perfectly with the things that I’ve gotten used to enjoying about a phone that being said I still love the pics and see if a 1080p display and I’m excited for the wars of the 5-inch 1080p Smart phones this year or even HTC One which is a slightly smaller than 5 inch screen and it’s 1080p. So I like the fact that we’re seeing more 1080p phones now, but honestly, it’s just getting to that point where you got to make it good if you’re going to have a 1080p display on a phone it has to be a great display. And for the price point, this is just such a hard recommend. You really have to look at your values. Also another interesting fact and I guess a bit of a disclaimer is this phone comes out of the box with a screen protector in the box, but it also comes with a very subtle screen protector already applied on the phone. It takes up the entire slab of glass and he’s Sony branding on the front of the story of the is actually attached to the screen protector. So if you take it off

Please be a perfectly blank black slab, which is kind of cool, but that screen protector is probably the cause of some of the issues I have with the display, but honestly, it was a little weird that you can’t even really tell that the screen protector is applied, but I wouldn’t take it off of this way because taking it off with me and pretty much exposing that less than up to par display out to the elements, and if you’re going to have a ruggedized phone, you’re probably going to want to leave that was your first brings up. The question. Is this a slick beautiful design dwelf own designer phone or is this really tough rugged water-resistant phone because it’s really hard to be both and I guess Tony tried to be both and that’s where they ended up having some contradictions in this phone. Either way. It’s a choice is yours. Do you like it’s crazy. I think it’s sexy. But again, it’s all up to you. Leave a comment down below the like button on this video, and the comment section is open. So probably see me replying to comments down there either way. Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you guys in the next video face.

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