You guys probably thought I forgot about this one, didn’t you?

Hey, what’s up guys? MKBHD here. And this is the HTC u12 plus a couple really interesting years leading up to this new phone and it turns out to be one of the only Flagships available in 2018 with no Notch and a couple super unique features and everything is in the u.s. In stores that may explain why you or someone, you know has really heard of this. Are you hearing about it for the first time not as much hype around the sky, but it will be available online for 849 bucks. So that’s definitely high-end is a premium Flagship. So is it worth your money? First of all, just as far as Design This is the translucent blue color. It’s the only color of this phone. I consider buying it in as you can see the glasses a little bit see-through in the top half which I love it’s not quite jerry right everything fully seeing all the components see-through but it’s still pretty unique and I’m a fan of this. I love to see other phones offer something similar to this to there are some other colors available for this phone.

As well, but they aren’t see-through. So who cares about them? How about this is the glass back enabling us, of course. So the whole back of the phone is now this glass it’s much slipperier, but there’s no wireless charging. So if you hated OnePlus for going glass back with no wireless charging, then you have to pay this one too. I am a big fan of the way. This one looks even though it does catch plenty of fingerprints. I think it is one of those were I would just not ever put a case with skin on it. Just leave it the way it is all the rest of this phone looks pretty normal though for 2018 pretty simple design lots of HTC cues and shape but you wouldn’t suspect anything to stand out crazy just looking at it, but they’re actually a lot of really interesting things about the sun. First of all the squeeze is back and it’s like leveled up it still has the side squeeze sensitivity from the you 11 so you can set a shortcut to launch something when you squeeze the phone but also have different types of squeezes. So a Quick Squeeze is one thing and a long squeeze is a different shortcut on top of that you have pressure sensitivity all the way up the sides of the phone. So while you’re holding it if you double tap this side of the

Phone with your thumb it acts as a shortcut to one-handed mode and if you switch hands and double tap with the other thumb, that’s the other side shrinking to one-handed mode. So out of hand gymnastics, but it’s being really smart about what it does without pressure sensitivity. That’s pretty impressive. When a works. It’s not always perfect. It can get pretty finicky. And sometimes I tried an outright doesn’t work and there’s a lot of ghost Taps and it can fix itself after a while. But basically the only downside has been at it doesn’t always sent the tap, but then on top of all of that the most interesting part about this phone might not be the color might not be the pressure sensitive squeeze feature. It’s that this phone doesn’t actually have any real buttons the power button and volume button on the side of this phone aren’t normal clicky actuated buttons. They’re even more pressure sensitive areas on the side of the phone. So when the phone is off, when you press the volume buttons, they don’t move now kind of like apples solid-state Touch ID home button. It’s not an actual button until the phone turns on and when it is on does a vibration motor that kicks in and

Stimulates the feel of pressing a button when you squeeze or put pressure on that area. So okay how have these fake buttons played out in real world use? Well, like I said the best version of this would be Apple’s haptic engine. If you press the home button on an iPhone 8, you’re fully convinced. Usually that you’re clicking an actual button. It still feels like you’re pressing something that clicks. This is a decidedly average vibration motor inside. So it’s not nearly as convincing I’ve gotten used to it. I expect it. Now when I press the button to have that feeling but it’s it’s it’s way worse. There’s definitely a slight delay. Like when I press the home button versus when I actually feel the vibration that is supposed to simulate a click. There’s a slight delay that makes it feel software-driven rather than like to have two engine being exactly when I click it. That’s the difference. It doesn’t feel as a real and it becomes really obvious. When you try to double press any of these buttons, like double tapping the power button doesn’t do anything double-tapping the volume buttons doesn’t raise the volume twice.

Really press it slowly taxi get it to work. And this is not fun at all. This is not a good experience. I think for some people this can be a deal-breaker in this phone. I personally still do prefer really good cookie buttons and I think I’ll continue to praise them until haptic engines get way better. But this is probably the biggest downside of this phone. Okay. I know you need to think about this phone you may have already noticed the dual cameras on the back, but you also get two cameras up top here at the front to selfie cameras. And these are just for portrait mode selfies and I was hoping I was hoping one of them would be a regular camera and one of them would be a super wide-angle selfie camera. So you could take a super wide-angle selfies without having to do some corny stitching effect. But know this is just the same focal length slightly separate from each other to do better blur in Boca for Port remote Focus act isn’t actually any better than average. I don’t think something like a pixel or a Galaxy S9 or an iPhone are still hit or miss the same way. This one is with hair and faces. What does a decent job then main advantage which we also

See with Samsung with a single-camera but the main advantages you can control the amount of background blur after you take the photo. So that’s nice plus all the other interesting stuff HTC usually throws in the selfie camera the kind of like Samsung Mayfield need to go crazy with beauty mode. There are many different things you can do to your face in beauty mode, but you may or may not ever use those. Those are the main unique things about the song that may not be obvious from the second you pick it up I’d say the rest of this phone is normal for 2018 is the flagship that checks a lot of boxes that has high on specs and a pretty conservative but likeable design is ip68 water resistant, which is great. The fingerprint reader is on the back in the middle again right where it should be excellent used to space. It has a Micro SD card expansion slot and it really has a lot of what people have been asking for no Notch since side bezels. Great build great display Cayenne specs quality camera Etc really think it’s really missing is the headphone jack even the door speakers are a nice upgrade as a boom sound or anything, but

The one at the bottom plus the earpiece doubles as a front-facing channel, so you’re not going to accidentally block your audio very easily with the setup and they do get loud and sound. Battery which sounds like it should be plenty, but it’s definitely not I could have something to do with the display. So it is a 6 inch 2880 by 1440 super LCD panel work. It has something to do with HTC software, but I’m basically barely getting a day out of it. When I thought I’d be getting a day-and-a-half easily. It’s a charges quick and that’s nice if there’s no wireless charging like I said, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me. I just wish the battery life was better to begin with maybe software can be improved maybe a software update can actually make that better. Just leaves us with the software and the camera the software is HTC sense. So it’s about what you’d expect and the camera is pretty good. So HTC Sense UI is on top of Android 8.0 Oreo and hopefully with Android P coming very soon and I’ve never had a problem with HTC Sense really? It’s never been

Favorite skin on top of Android but it’s also been pretty tame for a while. You saw BlinkFeed to the side of the home screen. You still get all these fancy looking icons with these Shadows now and everything there is a customizable second panel next to the navigation bar for shortcuts, which is pretty cool, but you can’t add app shortcuts. I wish I could add a custom app down there if I wanted but that would be even cooler. They added a Face Unlock which everyone seems to be doing now, but I still prefer this phone’s fingerprint reader, which is great and there’s even a smart rotate feature which I love which keeps the phone in portrait mode at all times when it knows it’s being ripped in portrait mode, but let the rotate when it’s not being grips that way. I think it’s really cool. So it’s mostly what you’re used to from HTC here pretty quiet. Just tossing a couple things here and there over the last couple years. You can still Phim it but there’s no radical design changes here. It’s it’s about what I expected and then on the back of the camera or cameras, like I said are pretty good. So you getting a 12-megapixel Maine shooter with f 1.75 aperture.

With Optical image stabilization and your secondary is a telephoto 16-megapixel shooter F 2.6 with no oil and the photos. I’ve been taking they’re not quite the best in any smartphone, but they do you fit right in here with I would say a top-five good detail and color and even a shallow depth of field in a kind of nice looking Boca if you get shallow enough, I think the cameras biggest flaw is that it tends to overexpose making things a little bit too bright and you noticed it doesn’t have the best dynamic range. So you might lose a little bit of highlights. But overall, I’m sure automatically during can be adjusted and you can always do manual metering easily with slider. So I’m just being picky. I think this is a sneaky top 5 smartphone camera right now. I think right now you’re clear top dogs are pixel to iPhone 10 and then it’s Falls right in line with like Galaxy S9. And I’d say better than one plus 6 say overall right now is a package HTC u12 plus is a flagship worthy of your consideration and respect like a flagship. It’s definitely built like a flagship and its price like a

Present overall package, it feels like this. This phone is like almost there. It’s it’s I mean, I guess if you’re super anti-nausea, if you’re one of those people that left a comment saying this phone has a not so I’ll never buy it. Then I guess your choices are like this and Galaxy S9 because this is one of the few phones without a not but other than that checks all the boxes of the thumbs-up and really only fall short in the buttons and the battery life like these buttons. I’m just barely okay with like I’m used to them now, but I feel like I’m not going to be happy about them in two or three years, but they are what they are but it’s the subpart battery like you got to think about an experience that all comes with it and I think HTC is not always tops or first to update their phones to the newest but fingers crossed to get to Android P soon like they seem to have promised counting on you guys. Anyway, that’s it. That’s HTC u12 plus you think you could Rock a phone with no real buttons on their to think in the comments below. I’ll be hanging out there answering questions, of course as usual. Thank you for watching.


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