Hey, what’s up, guys? I’m going to stay here. And this is the brand new HTC U Ultra and it is definitely the Chinese phone of all time. And it happens to also be seized first big smartphone of 2017 ends coming to the u.s. With a price tag of $749 is definitely a high-end Flagship smartphone and people who buy $700 Android smart phones. These are the pictures of the bunch has the biggest Enthusiast people who want the biggest baddest phone they can possibly get so it seems to be with HTC is setting the tone with those people with so it’s rocking pretty high-end specs the Snapdragon 821 3 Juno 530 GPU 4 gigs of RAM and quality materials all around. I mean, you haven’t seen many phones like this that are basically a mirror finish on the back, it’s Glass and Metal cut the HTC skin over Android 7.0. So sweet colors are available and the cherry on top is of course how great this thing looks Seuss thing might be a sleeper of a great phone. But the more I look into it the more I use this thing the more I understand.

View Ultra the more. I realize this seems to be a really poor use of space. This is a big phone. I mean you look at its footprint compare two things like the iPhone 7 plus the Galaxy Note 7 and even the pixel XL which stands for extra large and it’s bigger than all those and even others with even smaller displays. It’s bigger than all of them and it’s still eat millimeters thick. So it’s also definitely not trying to be a super thin phone. And anyway, either so seems like there should be all the room in the world to throw in every possible Flagship feature and perk right? We probably realize this even if it’s in your head without me saying it the back of this phone definitely resembles another certain Rivals Flagship. Not the Galaxy S7 the Galaxy S6. There’s a big old hump on the back for the camera on the Galaxy S6. That’s when it looked the most likely you Ultra but of course the next year Samsung made the phone a little bit thicker with all its new upgrades and bigger battery Etc and ended up with a much smaller camera hump on the back. There should be no need for such a big hump on an even bigger phone.

Review Altra, so the camera bump in and already huge phone to me seems like a poor use of space for the record. Just having a camera bump isn’t always a big deal. But on the U Ultra it is and then there’s a headphone jack for the black of the headphone jack yet. No headphone jack at all in this huge phone. Now. I understand USB type-c is great and it’s the future and everything. But Apple’s main reason for getting rid of the headphone. Jack on. The iPhone besides courage was to save precious space in such a compact interior of a phone other manufacturers have since continued putting headphone Jacks in their phones because they don’t need that space and the Portland future isn’t quite here yet and she see you definitely could have also but you didn’t for some reason seems like a poor use of space and then the battery the HTC U Ultra has a 3000 milliamp hour battery which doesn’t seem that bad but for context yeah, something’s a little bit off here. You would think that a phone this huge and this thick with this much internal space, but I’ve all the room in the world for maybe a two-day battery life may be the biggest non-removable.

Make it possibly fit but that was a missed opportunity here. And this phone is stuck with average battery life at best seems like a poor use of space and if I get a little down here at the bottom of the phone have some pretty small touch targets and I can’t help but think that something just looks a little bit off about them a bit out of place to the point where it took me a little bit of time to actually get used to pressing in the right spot the screen and a phone is huge ACC could have easily gone with on-screen customizable software buttons, or at least given that option somewhere in the menus is 2017, but they didn’t instead they went with these small permanent capacitive buttons, wait out the bottom now they could if they wanted to drop that in a software update so I won’t ride too hard on that if they want to enable it, but maybe they just wanted to have buttons on the side flanking a fingerprint reader cuz they just really wanted a fingerprint reader which is cool. You can put one there but they managed to put one of the smaller ones on any flagship phone. Even on one of the biggest phones out there seems like a poor use of space just $750 phone is also not water resistant and with a body.

All the internal spaces big you would think they would be able to find a space to put the seams and a seals to make sure that it’s water-resistant just like a lot of smaller fly ships out there, but they didn’t seems like a pretty space sides in the corners of display specially up at the top left corner right underneath the web. Can you get some serious light bleed and I hardly ever notice actual lightweight in any Flagship smartphone. I don’t know if it’s because in this phone the backlighting is too close to display panel or if the insides are to clumped up there next to webcam to get that spaced evenly lit. I don’t know what the problem is, but it is actually noticeable and that really is a problem for me on smartphone. So seems like a poor use of space again. It’s also a huge phone with tiny speakers at the bottom shirts a stereo pair, but it’s definitely not the loudest and it’s definitely tinea at high volumes for a space to see what I’m getting at. Also most glass back phones like this have wireless charging. That’s why they do it. If you have a metal phone, you can’t do wireless charging because wireless charging doesn’t work through metal. But if you have the sort of a big last back and a huge amount of internal space you would think

You can at least have wireless charging but it doesn’t poori space how you been all that isn’t the end of the world. I mean, there’s phones that are also lacking all those things. I just talked about but they’re also less than this price. So I think at $750 in the US, it’s pretty hard sell any people or buying phones at that price are looking for something really special and I don’t think you’re getting out here and there are definitely some good promising things about this phone that have me site for HTC’s next phone the camera in this guy is really good. It’s a 12-megapixel UltraPixel camera and has face detection autofocus. That’s really fast and photos. Look very good. They can almost go toe-to-toe with the Google pixel. So I’m really impressed with that has expandable storage which is definitely rare in most smartphones and appreciated a high-end Flagship and the second display off at the top while it is a Shameless rip-off of the LG v20. It’s also kind of useful sometimes like the one in LG v20 you get some app shortcuts the fair if you want. I kind of like it when the display is off and I raced awake and I just get that little bit of notifications and a time in the date. That’s my

Play Future II display, but you know, if you don’t want to use it you can turn it off as well. So there is good stuff here. But aside from new HTC software. There’s almost nothing for 750 bucks that this phone does that you can’t get somewhere else better or cheaper. Skip this one and you can pretty easily wait for the HTC u11 to come out pretty soon or just grab a Galaxy S8 when I comes out or an LG G6 or pretty much any other $700 smartphone, which will be a better use of space in this one’s I’ve been at hope you enjoyed the free to leave a comment if you agree or she has most up to share. Thanks for watching talk to you as the next one.

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