Hey, what are the guys went to BHD here? And this is the Samsung Galaxy S5 the right after that we can see this phone looks really similar to the Galaxy S4 from last year and I was upgraded specs inside of course, which are virtually identical to the One M8 except for one or two things. But it keeps a very similar design to the Galaxy S4 though. It is a little bit bigger now to fit that 5.1 inch 1080p display and it’s slightly bigger bezels. So awkwardly enough one of the biggest complaints with the new designs about the backing with a lot of people aren’t a fan of I mean, I called it. I called the Gold version of this phone and the Bandit Edition basically has all these little dimples across the back of this soft. Touch material turns out this is easier to grip and hold in hand. Then the slippery metal of the HTC One M8. So while the M8 might be a little bit heavier and made entirely of metal the S5 is easier to hold because it’s lighter and a button placement is much better yet the power button on the side now so you don’t have to show me your hand and it has actual sides to grip.

Even those sides are made of Samsung steak metal and the back happens to still be removable. So you get not only micro SD card expansion of 228 extra gigabytes. But you also get access to that 2800 milliamp hour battery and something you might notice while taking that back office this seal all the way around the inside of the cover of this phone. This is to make the internals or the whole phone IP67 certified. So I be 67 this six means totally protected against dust and the Seven means water-resistant for limited periods of time, which is useful to some people but you’ll notice this still does not go over the speaker which sounds all right, but Max is out pretty low and volume compared to the HTC one, but I guess you know, everything is quiet compared to the one so the full video comparison between the S5 and the one are coming soon. But bottom line is this thing is water resistant and a lot of people are going to like that but also to protect the phone from Destin water they needed to add probably my biggest gripe with the design of the entire phone.

This freaking flat at the bottom that you have to pry off every time you want access to the USB port every time you want to charge it. That means you can’t use any battery cases cuz you have to pry that thing out the way all the time it gets in the way when you’re plugged in and to top it all off every time you unplug the phone from the wall. It reminds you to close the flap every single time bottom line. I’m not a fan of the flap. Although I guess it is necessary to keep that certification, but this is really use previous Galaxy devices, especially the Galaxy S4. I noticed they’ve changed the capacitor funds up front. So now it really the only face change besides the bigger bezels is he have that multitasking button and back button. You can hold down the multitasking button back to the menu button and right between those capacitive buttons is the fingerprint sensor / home button. I’m basically going to cover everything by saying it’s not really that great. First of all, it makes the home button a little bit most year and less clicky than before and second of

How much more importantly you have to swipe your finger perfectly vertically along the center of the pad for it to work. You’ll just put your finger there. You have to swipe it perfectly vertically for it to work. So yes, you can register a bunch of fingerprints and secure your phone or your PayPal payments or whatever you want to do and it’ll work if you take your time with it, but it’s difficult to use correctly and it’s not always accurate when you don’t swipe your finger had just the right speed at the right angle. What does by the way require holding the phone with one hand and sweating with the other so you need two fingers to unlock your phone and sometimes that actually go to unlock my phone with a fingerprint on and it would work and I unlock it a little bit later and it just wouldn’t even work. It doesn’t even ask just let me swipe to unlock and get in without my fingerprint and that was it. So, yeah, I turned off the fingerprint recognition stuff before the end of the first day. I used it. I really was a pain. But anyway, once you unlock the phone and get in you are greeted with Touchwiz on top of Android 4.4 and it’s alright, it’s definitely not my cup of tea.

If I prefer it to previous version, they definitely made some adjustments and cleaned it up and make changes that I like. I know they were shaking that inspired by Nature stuff from Touchwiz on the Galaxy S3, but they still have these nature sound effects These Blueprints noises that I disable add to disable them pretty much immediately for my own sanity. I wish they would clean up the sounds and actually I think I would have us surprisingly big effect on how you perceive the user interface for the specs. The S5 is pretty quick as responsive. There isn’t really any lag in most places. But when you do find lag like in the gallery, for example, if bad like, I mean for a high-end flagship phone with Monster specs like this, the phone really does have the slowest Gallery. So when you do find lag, you’ll notice it but such was pretty much exactly as you’d expect colorful big bold on constantly pushing Samsung features. One of those Samsung feature is being my magazine, which is it the pain that says to the left of your home screens like BlinkFeed or Google now, I have kind of just

News aggregator like BlinkFeed and just talks to Flipboard basically pulled in some cool stories, very beautiful imagery and uses the entire 5.1 inch display. I mean, it does what it’s supposed to it’s just a matter of whether you want it there or not. So it can’t be disabled or hidden like BlinkFeed can sing. Here is the settings menu. Actually, I thought it was in my Galaxy S4 review that I mentioned that Samsung really need to change the way they organizer settings basically cuz there were so many and they need to search box. But this is absolutely not what I meant. I didn’t mean put them all in a grid of 60 something colorful icons that I have to scroll through to find what I want. Holy crap. There are just way too many for that. So I maintain a Samsung should really find a better way to handle all of the device settings than this. There’s a good view does it with you? Either way? There are just too many. My favorite plenty of people will not have a problem with it at all. Obviously, if you use the Galaxy S3 reviews the Galaxy S4 and you like it the 6th.

I sure will be very similar and there are other plenty of new useful features the editable quick notification settings are really useful. Now. There’s also feature called tool box that lets you store any five apps in this bubble that you can move around and gives you quick access from that bubble to those apps anywhere. So no matter where you are you just tap it and it brings up your favorite app list Nifty actually left that on and use it for a quite a bit. So these are the types of things that will get you to like the phone more and even if the things that you like aren’t enabled by default, you’re probably find something buried in the saying somewhere that you can turn on and make it a much more enjoyable user experience. I mentioned at the beginning of the video that the Galaxy S5 as basically identical specs to the One M8, except for a few key areas. One of those key areas is sitting on the back here of this phone, you’ll notice is lens protrudes from the body a bit. It’s at 16 megapixel camera is camera is excellent and I’ll immediately go on record and say it’s one of the top 5 smartphone cameras you can get right now.

It is very very good. Now. Maybe it’s because I spent too much time with the 4 megapixel camera on the One M8. But basically the shots I’m taking I’m noticing a few key characteristics again here one very very detailed tons of resolution and detail at 16 megapixel and to their very saturated photos and colorful and pretty much any condition to the camera interface is pretty standard Samsung stuff not you know, too overly simple, you know Samsung S2 give you a ton of options, there’s lots of effects and things you can play with and change you can take 4K video. You have software stabilization. You have HDR the whole deal you have something here also called selective focus which get my ring a bell from the One M8 that’s been a little bit differently here. Basically, it instructs you to take a photo of something close with an out-of-focus background and takes a shower photos for you one that focuses on the foreground and one that focuses on the background, but lets you pick between them using just one button for near Focus or far Focus eye, but what I really liked was

Actually the pan Focus button, which actually lets you grab everything in focus at the same time what can actually be really useful and let you get a hole shot a whole composition right through some software processing. So here we have another version. You can see near Focus far focused and intense Focus. Obviously, it’s not perfect and it’s a pretty artificial affect but the ability to switch the stuff on the fly on your phone with a single button press is pretty neat. I think a lot of people like that. So basically I found myself taking a lot more pictures with the Galaxy S5 just because of how good the camera looks how good the pictures look on the phone. So there’s an awesome display combined with a 16-megapixel shot. And I really lets you grab detail from the smallest things and blow them up the images look really razor sharp. Now, obviously if you zoom in a tongue, you’ll see small imperfections and blurry but the stuff you’ll have trouble doing on pretty much any other smartphone camera 60 megapixel to give you a lot of room to play with it’s not 41. It’s not 50, but you guys know I love pixels and it’s awesome to see this much detail and car.

In a quick shot like this and the ability to shoot 4K video is a sweet bun is so nice job on the camera Samsung but hold up a minute. What is below the camera? What is going on there? That is not an extra depth sensor anything fancy for Imaging that is actually a heart rate monitor. Yeah Special Hardware to measure your heart rate. Obviously S Health is still a thing that Samsung does so they plug into that sensor on the back of the phone. And essentially if you hold your finger there for a few seconds. It’ll give you a reading of your heart rate in beats per minute. I don’t actually know how accurate this is cuz I don’t have another heart rate sensor to control but it’s a neat features any demo to bolster the S Health portfolio of things it can do it’s a pedometer and heart rate monitor, whatever it says he’ll so you’re not getting a picture by now. Basically the Galaxy S5 is an improvement in a lot of ways over the Galaxy S4 and a lot of smart phone enthusiasts Tennessee that has I guess it

Thing because they really didn’t like the Galaxy S4 or they were expecting a bigger change. But for the many millions of people who will inevitably by this phone, that’s actually great the Galaxy S4 was a solid phone and this phone improve on it and a lot of important ways. So so what if this phone looks like a Band-Aid and gold get it in black or get it in white get it in blue. You know, it’s great. It’s a high-end phone with a ton of features. It’s water-resistant. It has an excellent battery life that nobody should have any problems with eye has a beautiful large colorful bright display easily the best AMOLED display in the dentist on a smartphone right now. It’s lightweight is made of some cheap materials sure, but you’re coming from the S4. So you’re probably not going to notice. I’m really the only real downside I have with TouchWiz is or with a Galaxy S5 is TouchWiz and quirks and I guess the speaker a little bit too, but TouchWiz will continue to evolve and right now the Galaxy S5 really is the Galaxy S4s that I called it in my first impressions videos.

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to sit back over here and quietly cross my fingers waiting for a Google Play edition of this phone because the new Google camera came out today, and it’s great and I like stock Android and I feel like I would really enjoy a Google Play edition Galaxy S5. But in the meantime, there it is. This is a Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one, please.

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