Total gas in tbsp here. So I’ve been using the iPhone 11 pro 256gb for about six seven months now maybe a little longer than that doesn’t sound like that long. But for this weird world, I live in where I’m switching between smartphones all the time testing all these different ones. That’s kind of a long time actually for me to be using one phone OnePlus a pro in the other pocket. For those of you who know about the whole dual smartphone situations that they give you know, what let’s do a longer-term review. This is something I’ve seen a lot more actually on YouTube and I really liked it some I’m jumping in but the original reviews usually shot after 1 to 2 weeks of using the phone and there’s only so much you can pick up in that time and inevitably after that not try to tweet new things that I find but there are new findings and new things that you learn about a phone that you want to share. She called me on Twitter if you want to see those things when I do share them, but that’s what this is about. The one I take a second look at one of the phones that seems to come up all the time months after it comes out. This is the eye.

7-Eleven Pro Revisited plus a look forward at iPhone 12. Okay. So one of the things you can get a pretty good idea of when the phone first comes out is build quality not just how it feels my hand but like really how well it’s actually built and iPhones have a pretty good track record at least as of late, you know, if lasting a long time but they’re also glass and glasses glass and said before but I’ll say it again until it’s no longer true. I don’t use a case on my phone never really have so this phone just travels around just like this so is my phone’s been in pockets in gym bags with cleats in backpacks, you know in car cup holder is it gets tossed around a lot and I’m putting a lot of different places. Now the stainless steel on the sides has held up a great looks almost exactly like it did the day I got the phone what you might expect and the matte finish on the back has done a good job of hiding some of those micro scratches a lot better than a glass your phone would but the front glass not so much.

Some phones get this worse than others and for my experience iPhones 10 to get these micro scratches more easily, but you can see on my iPhone a lot of visible scratches all over the display. Not so bad that it would you know actually interrupted viewing experience like a crack but they add up is going to fuse more and more now. I’m going to say a lot of these are because I tend to put my phone face down on my desk in on counters in other places around me and we know there’s plenty of dust and random grit that can just happen to get out of there and cut the glass of the phone but it just seems like it’s worse on the iPhone than other phones I’ve used so I’m going to try to get out of the laying the phone down face down habit internal specs have held up pretty much perfectly and it’s what I’m talking about any initial review when I say it’s got tons of performance Headroom goes out the box, of course, every phone feels great. And the iPhone is one of the fastest feeling phones, you know, 1 to 6 months later.

But that’s a sort of a trajectory for the two years 3 years 4 years later when it’s still one of the fastest feeling 2 3 4 year old phone that’s thanks to the 813 bionic and 4 gigs of RAM, which don’t look like huge specs on paper. But this phone is on Pace to be doing just fine in 4 years. Okay, Pop Quiz, what’s rule number one of buying a new piece of tech?

Never buy a piece of tech like this based on the promise of future software updates to come never do that. Just buy it for what it is today. And if it happens to get better over the years then that’s about that. I think especially applies to iPhones because they never really had any crazy features like the way, you know, Android used to be when they would just change everything with a new software update but it’s mostly been minor tweaks and Bug fixes as definitely more stable. Now, I was 13 when it first launched had a good amount of bugs and they’ve been ironing nose out. I just weird bug with Gmail attachments, but that’s not fixed. Other than that not too wild in a way. It’s kind of boring actually if you’re hoping for something transformative and new in the software. That’s not really what I get my hopes up for on an iPhone now the announcements on stage and the way he talks so smoothly about how everything so magical that might feel you a little bit like remember remedy you one chip in this phone number that but you could you could Point your iPhone at another airdrop device and it would

Show up on the top of the list that hasn’t really ever materialized. I want another big one was deep Fusion member deep Fusion. There’s a whole thing on stage about how a software update coming later to this new iPhone would bring deep Fusion for improve detail and less noise and better sharpness in medium light ballast wasn’t low-light. That would be night mode and mine both pretty great on this phone, but it’s not that it wasn’t highlight either. It wasn’t normal daytime photos HDR and all that takes care of it great. But this was for medium light iPhone definitely got this software update and it definitely has diffusion now and I definitely can’t tell the difference and it doesn’t even. So yeah, I guess the point here is to say at the end of the day. It’s just good old familiar iOS running on the iPhone just like we all expected. There are some new features here and there but again, not too many surprises here.

The cameras are still really good. I’ve been taking great photos all the time in the month since the sun came out and also pretty much every video you’ve seen on my socials, you know, Twitter or Instagram and every time I go live on Instagram.

In the camera app, they’re a little hard to press button go from 3260 to 24 and 4K to HD has stayed really good. I switched actually to a smaller iPhone 11 Pro. I had the 11 Pro Max for almost my entire you so I guess when I reviewed the iPhone SE, it kind of got me missing smaller iPhones for a while. So for the first time in a long time, I’m not using the absolute biggest available version of a phone. I’m using the smaller iPhone 11 Pro now and

I was wrong about 3D touch. I miss 3D touch retouch was one of those things that you know, it was the pressure sensitivity of underneath the screen Apple no longer makes any devices that support 3D touch anymore. If they’ve gone back to just have to touch which is just basically a long press and it’s nowhere near as good 3D touch while it wasn’t necessarily taken advantage of by every single developer. It was actually a really well done and uniquely iPhone feature it set them apart where haptic touch is basically just that long press and it’s much slower than the pressure sensitivity was so I’m not sure I wouldn’t trade some extra thickness to get 3D touch back and I don’t think I’m alone there and face ID real super used to what face ID is by now, but it was supposed to get improvements and be better with this new iPhone. It’s still really good. But I think it would feel magical it would feel amazing if they could do just a couple little things namely shrinking a notch and making it work from more angles like from the

The sideways angle doesn’t work when it’s this far off and when it’s sideways and upside down and other angles. It’s not quite as good so actually doesn’t work at all when it’s upside down. So face ID could be more magical Tim for listening actually Tim. I hope you’re not listening because let’s use that as a way to segue into looking forward a bit at the iPhone 12. When you think about it. This phone can look a little bit dated can feel bad attitudes got those rounded Corners. It’s got the biggest notch in any phone still got the proprietary poor at the bottom. So got a 60 hertz screen. It is one of the fastest feeling phones with a six-year-old screen. Thanks for the under-20 hurts to touch refresh rate, but it is still 60 hertz. And of course no 5G iPhone 12 rumors floating around right now point to the box your shape similar to the iPad Pro super looking forward to that 5G should be added as well and adding that lidar scanner from the iPad Pro a classic case of the customer paying for a feature they may not

Never use just because it comes built into the phone. But now there’s a whole new lineup of iPhones planned at various price points, which are really interesting to me. All of which should have 5G. So I’m curious which one of these do you think you would get look today iPhone 11 Pro as a flagship. It’s Kevin’s we’re place because Apple never updates their prices this phone launched at thousand dollars upgraded 1100 and it’s still cost $1,100 and took a day. The next phone comes out in September or October. It will still cost 11 hundred bucks.

This one was a pretty good by when it came out. But if you can wait if you waited this long and you haven’t bought a new iPhone yet, if you can keep waiting to the iPhone 12, I think that’s the movie. I think that’s the one to wait for. That’s the one I’m excited about. That’s the one I can’t wait to upgrade to with that new shape. But until then is been a pretty damn good phone for the month of spin out.

Tobin thanks for watching Kathy has the next one, please.


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