Be here and little do you know for the past week? I’ve been using this huawei mate 20 pro guy as my daily driver. So the day after 1 my blind smartphone camera test. I figured you know what? It’s legitimately The People’s Choice so I might as well give it a shot. It is not coming to the US officially, but I’m going to try it anyway, so I put my SIM card in the Huawei mate 20 Pro and is the last phone to be reviewed before the smartphone awards has been getting a lot of hype. I got to say I did that first impressions video when I first came out that’s what are laid off it and it slowly started cracking up phone of the Year Awards and it was people’s top choices for 2018. So I brought it back out the won the contest so I got to try and I got to say I like it quite a bit and I don’t love it. That’s really only because of one thing but I like it a lot. So here’s why

Browse about Wally really leveled up their design game with this phone. I think the hardware is on point. It’s kind of closer to Samsung design actually the anyting with the shape of the phone the glass on both sides curving over the sides the really thin rails this is going to be a slippery phone without a case on it. So I’m warning you that right now but it does have a slight texture like this subtle raised pattern in the glass. It’s kind of hard to describe but it makes this sound when he dragged your fingernails across it actually like it to fix the slipperiness though. You might be better off covering it up with a skin from our Channel sponsor dbrand personally, I think going with the red on the back even though it’s a little loud in matches the red power button pretty well, but they have plenty of other options as well. So afraid too loud for you. I like the rest of those below. But anyway, yes, I love the color tarbutton. That’s a strong move right there cameras plus the flash on the back kind of look like bug eyes, but I think in the middle, it looks fine. And since the power and volume buttons are all on one side. The left is totally smooth and blank.

Oh, yeah, we’re all just feels in the hand like a Galaxy S9 has a baby with an iPhone meaning to get mostly Samsung design features and I’m a notch and then there’s an IR blaster at the top if you’re into that I haven’t had an IR blaster in a phone in a really long time, but these used to be super useful ip68 water resistance check USB C port check in glass fingerprint reader check thin bezels check speaker Grill. No check to the speaker is actually behind the USB C port in this phone. So there’s no other speaker Grill. It seems like a cool idea for about 5 seconds, but then it turns out to be a horrible idea speaker. Some cells aren’t that bad? It’s the one in the earpiece and I’m the one at the bottom behind the port but putting it behind the USB C Port makes it extremely easy to block the whole thing by accident at any time and even though I do mostly wireless charging with this phone, how do you expect it to sound when you’re plugged in it’s muffled all the time. So just figure behind before it was

How to move otherwise though all around great hard, where can I get a great display at the front to sew a 6.4 in OLED and it’s 3120 X 1440 so super sharp and it gets plenty bright in daylight and like I said, it has the Samsung look so the shape sort of Curves over on both sides and the back does it too and also has a notch up top which again at this point? I don’t really mind anymore almost every phone has one of some sort plus you get all the same face ID sensors to Lisa using that space well for something but the weird part is on the size of the display. There’s this little bit of light fall-off like it gets a bit darker and discolored on the very edges in a way that I don’t think I see really on Samsung phones and is also pretty obvious colorshift off-axis like some other OLED. It’s a pretty good display, but it’s not perfect and I performance is great now, I don’t know this is one of the few phones that’s not rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip is actually the Kirin 980. So it’s a 7 a.m. To Chip and there’s six flags of RAM and 128 gigs of storage and its prey.

Snooze for the most part I’d say on par with any Samsung phone like an S9 or something. No problems with multitasking opening and closing apps Etc where the chip really shines. However is definitely battery life the best part of this mate 20 Pro hundred percent is not the camera. It is the battery. So it’s a 4200 milliamp hours till you know, the phone is not that thick and white power management is pretty aggressive about trying to save power at changing the resolution of the screen when you’re not using it much is pretty pretty active up killing apps in the background, but the result has been by far the best battery life in any phone I’ve used this year. This has been a two-day phone for me a couple times. I don’t get to say that much that’s really impressive a lot of the other flagships this year. They had the best battery life for my heavy use we’re getting like 5 or 6 hours of screen on time, which is really impressive mate 20 Pro the other day, I think last week I had a day where it ended with four and a half hours of screen on time at about 1 a.m. And there was 58

Wow, I really do not ever think about charging this phone. There’s constantly more battery than I need. I usually end with 6 7 hours of screen on time before I have to charge and when I do I pop it on the wireless charger, it’s unreal. This is no one can convince me. This isn’t an A+ plus battery life phone and it also has this head-turning feature reverse wireless charging. It is a gimmick that all pretty much never use but it’s also hilarious and amazing and I’m glad it works and I’m glad they did it basically an extremely useful troll for people and you also get to offer them a charge. Of course the most part about this phone was the camera and for good reason. So you’re Rockin triple cameras on the back with a flash get a 40 megapixel main sensor and 8-megapixel telephoto sensor and a 20 megapixel super wide angle was a big boy numbers honestly to me with the results. It’s an a-minus camera meaning it’s pretty good almost great, but not quite the best. I definitely sticks to what one the blind contest which his

Bright photos pictures from the mate 20 Pro are often very bright. Sometimes Overexposed but has good enough dynamic range to not lose a bunch of highlight detail and are basically never any Shadows now the detail and sharpness are A+ which I love to see and a colors were a bit needed at times but it’s definitely a difference or colorescience with this Huawei processing. But really when there’s a lot of light there’s just no contrast. Absolutely. No Shadows no blacks when you get down to low light. It holds up pretty well though. I mess with the night mode a little bit as well which did better noise reduction. But really the best part about the camera is just the extra focal lengths having that super wide-angle camera. Sometimes it’s pretty cool the telephoto less useful to me, but I’m glad it’s there but really it’s just all-around super versatile and I don’t think anyone capable of a little photo editing will really hate it and also probably going to end up the highest ever dxomark score again, if they have a review it

So if you care about that, they go so clearly there are a lot of reasons to like this phone. But I said at the beginning there was something that didn’t quite measure up and for me, that’s the software for this phone runs emui on top of Android Pie. So I’m glad it’s the latest version of Android and has all kinds of quarks and usability things. Some of them are nice some of them you may like but others, I’m really not into I’ll be real I had to put a little extra work to get it just the way I want. So I install Nova Launcher. I uninstalled a bunch of other things look at apps some others don’t go away. So I have to disable them or hide them. I change the keyboard. I change the default apps all kinds of stuff like that sort of built my way into it. It takes more work for some phones less for others, but I got it the way I want it and I’ve been using it and then there’s just a lot of books. So the multitasking one is my personal least favorite every time I try to open the second most recent app with one tap. It just closes multitasking. Not sure why it does that and I hate it because that’s something I want to do all the time, but it won’t let me.

A notification tray also is always filled up even when I have no notifications. So if I get one or two, I don’t know which ones they are. And what were they are unless I open the tray and scroll down through them for Easter the not there and you can disable the notch but it still doesn’t fix that problem and it’s still all the blatant copying of iOS to share sheet with Huawei share instead of airdrop still on that bloatware duplicate apps call Zach some still not a fan of the mui that hasn’t changed but everything else about this phone is really damn good the only downside that I can point you about the actual physical Hardware or at the speaker as I mentioned and the in-glass fingerprint reader is a little bit slow just like the other first-gen ones that are out right now. Hopefully, that will get faster. But the rest of the phone is very complete. I think I would love this phone with oxygen Os or even text looks like stock Android with a bunch of those features. But either way this is still the best phone why was ever made hands down better than P20 Pro and if you don’t mind paying the premium and importing it

Then this is worth a look definitely worth checking out either way. That’s pretty much it. I guess now that we’ve reviewed this last phone we can dive into the smartphone awards for 2018 that’s upcoming either way. That’s watching Kathy has next one.

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