Hey, what’s up guys? MKBHD here. And this is the Huawei mate 10 pro vs p20 pro you be there heard a lot about or you’ve never heard of it at all for a lot of people. This isn’t even on the radar. It’s brand-new hasn’t come out yet in the US. So it’s not in any stores. It’s not on any carriers summer brand you made out of ever heard of it’s just super Uncharted water slide into Tech Community. If you follow pretty much any Tech YouTuber or any site, it’s showed up in some form in some post of one of the best phones of last year is already really popular in a lot of Asian markets, but they also have a big Media budget and they’re trying to expand and make their first Big Splash in the United States. And this is the phone that they’ve chosen to make that Splash. So I’ve got one and I’ve used it and the question now is is it for those eight hundred bucks to pay for it? Is it worth it over the other main players that are already established in the US for like the HTC u11 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 or LG v30s?

Find out so first of all, aesthetically everything on the outside while we has adapted well to this basically what the market seems to expect out of a phone in 2018 in the US. It’s these glass sandwiches front and back its dual cameras. It’s metal rails on the sides. In fact, it’s built just as well here as any other Samsung phone like the Galaxy S8 tight tolerances Precision Milling IP67 water-resistant shiny bezels. It’s of course really really reflective at it’s a nice contrast actually two most of Wild Waves designs from the past couple years. I am feeling this design maybe not in this color, but actually do like this design. Unfortunately being very 2018 also means no headphone jack just kind of way it is and there’s also no wireless charging on this phone seems like they could have done it with a mostly glass back, but that’s a minor one for me. I’ve used plenty of phones with no wireless charging. The only weird thing for the hardware for me is just it kind of looks a little bit weird. I think something about the dual cameras being so separate like that. It’s not the fingerprint reader. That’s absolutely perfect and

Extremely fast if you’ve ever seen it in use and it’s also right where I wanted in the upper middle back of the phone. So I guess just in terms of looks I think the big two separate camera rings are a little weird. Luckily. I don’t have to look at the back pretty much all the buttons are tight and clicking on point. And the speaker is is average. It’s at the bottom. It’s nothing special again reminds me of like a Samsung or an iPhone speaker because of the really easy to block.

But we probably should cupping it after a while.

So the fact they are all also up to what you’d expect for the price. It’s an 8-core CPU and dispersion has 16 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of onboard storage and it’s fast, but we’ll get to the software in a second Apple Ciroc and 1/4 thousand milliamp hour battery in a phone this thing which is pretty impressive. The only other phone that has a battery of that big would be the Razer phone and that’s a thick one, but just like the Razer phone. This one has fantastic battery life. I can say this is a winner for the mate 10 Pro also really really good standby time, which may of course be in part due to the really aggressive closing of background apps, but again battery life is killer on this thing and then the display a front in case you haven’t already noticed is also pretty nice. It’s a 6 inch OLED display so pretty big. I’m a big phone person. So I like that obviously, but even with the display the speaker keeps the bezels pretty small at the top and the bottom and it keeps one of my favorite old school touches from phones of years past, which is non rounded Corners. I’m not the biggest fan of all these phones rounding other corners.

Lately, I prefer keeping a couple extra pixels, but that’s just me. Also, the brightness range of this one is fantastic. It gets way dimmer than most Android phones and I like to notice that so using it at night isn’t a pain but it’s also plenty bright and sharp and colorful for everyday regular use so you may be sensing a pattern here. Lots of good Hardware lots of Quality Parts well-built, but it’s just not quite the same factors for actually hits on all five of my main pillars of a great smartphone. But yet somehow it’s not something I can see myself using every day there. I said it pretty early in the video, but I think the best place to go straight. This is the camera for the Mate 10 pros has excellent camera Hardware on paper. It’s a primary 12-megapixel sensor F1 points 6 aperture with Optical image stabilization and on the secondary camera a 20-megapixel sensor also with f 1.6 and who is so incredible numbers sounds amazing on paper probably best in class, but as we’re learning cameras are more and more about

Software and the image processing just as much as the hardware itself mate 10 Pro takes pretty good photos not incredible photos, but pretty damn good ones. So sharpness is great. Thanks for the OAS and colors are pretty good though. I find images a bit contrasty, but that could be because I’m more used to the more aggressive HDR from my pixel to either way though pixel 2 camera consistently outperforms his mate 10 Pro in color accuracy and in dynamic range in just the overall range and quality of the photo. Plus it does a much better portrait mode with one camera instead of the two are like anything to the pixel 2 camera just because it’s that far ahead. It’s that good but part of the reason it is that good is because of the software and I think mate 10 Pro as the camera could be a bit better than it is because of the software that’s an important sentence. It could be better than it is because of software that’s like a metaphor for this entire phone to skin on top of Android 8.0 on this phone is

Yeah me why and it’s not subtle Dupree in your face skin with a couple of pretty obvious design and functional cues from IOS. I mean that’s just being real for example out of the box. There is no App Store. So your home screen, what does kind of look like this just straight-up icon everywhere plus bloatware that you Huawei mate 10 pros vs p20 pro can’t uninstall or hide. So you have to put it in a folder but it’s still on your home screen like an iPhone in the share menu for an image in the gallery for iPhone looks like this and then for the mate 10 Pro looks like this. I mean, it’s not subtle. Luckily. This is Android so you can change a lot of the stuff. You don’t like you can grab Nova Launcher you can use Google photos Etc up the funny ways to customize it in the lazy ones are also plenty of additions in the software that aren’t just copying iPhone to scroll shot screenshot feature. It isn’t super new. That’s more of something we see in Samsung skins, but it’s built-in here as well where you can scroll down to take tar screenshots. In fact, it’s about time this feature made it into the stock version of Android on the pixel as well as also video screen record.

Built-in with a shortcut in the Quick Settings. It’s not the best screen recording not the smoothest thing in the world, but it’s there and it gets the job done and also for apps that aren’t the two to one aspect ratio native leave yet. There’s a full-screen app button works fine one touch and you’re done because of plenty of features for making it easier to use a much larger display. So we have skin it’s a bit hit-or-miss. It’s decently customizable because it’s Android. So if you don’t like some of the decisions made out the box, you can change them but not all of them. There are definitely still things that are stuck the way they are built-in is on most phones. You can double-tap the power button and it opens up the camera on this phone double-tapping. The power button doesn’t do anything. You double-tap the volume rocker and it opens up the camera takes a photo real quick. And that’s fine. I mean just be something useful. I don’t know how many people are ever going to use that first photo I can get used to it though. But like mr. Mobile mentioned in his review that’s kind of rough. If you’re listening to music or listening to a podcast for doing something. Are you related? Then the double-tapping the volume button is disabled. It’s weird.

I guess why not just use double-tapping the power button like everyone else and then the camera modes. There’s like 7000 different camera modes in here based on what it thinks you’re taking a picture of and an automotive the cameras actually smart at quickly identifying the subject of what you’re taking a picture of which is really impressive. I’m just not sure how much optimization is actually happening. Once that identifies the subject like is it speeding up the shutter speed when it detects a pet or adding saturation wanted to text a blue sky? I don’t really know but it would be nice to know that it’s okay at the end of the day overall. What’s the verdict on mate 10 Pro for putting aside all the weird rumors about the Chinese government or the weird quirks about AT&T or Verizon not putting this in stores. Is it a good phone actually is it’s a really solid phone but it comes in at eight hundred bucks. So that kind of puts it in a weird place where like you’re choosing between this or some of the other main established players like the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 or HTC u11 or lgv30. Like is there any

Listen to buy this one. Basically you should get this phone. If you’re a big fan of a designer if you just really want to be unique and really don’t want to get one of those big main players smartphones in the same price range then again, why wouldn’t you like those other phones are obvious quality. But with this one, you still get your 8 plus battery life your great display great build quality grade camera, basically whether or not you like this phone will depend on what you think. I was emu why for me that’s a pass. I’m not the biggest fan and I’ll stick with one of the big players, but maybe you have a different opinion. Maybe you’re into it. Let me know until the next one. Thank you for watching it. He has an accent.


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