All right. So if the HTC One M9 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 had a baby.

Yeah, this is what we get. This is the HTC One M9. Plus it’s okay. Wait a second. We have the HTC One M9 that we see in stores and everyone knows that but what is this plus version in short? It’s just a slightly better version of the flagship that’s already out as the name implies. So K check this out. Here’s a couple of new additions. Number one is slightly larger 5.2 inch Quad HD display. Yes, 2560 X 1440 so is 0.2 in larger and also brighter and sharper than a 1080p display in the regular one M9. It’s also a little bit slightly cooler and cooler temperature but overall a superior display and then at the bottom is I’m sure you’ve already noticed on the front here is a fingerprint sensor. So just like the Samsung or Apple flagships. You can now register a couple of fingerprint to unlock the phone just by touching your finger to the sensor. So no swiping necessary. It’s actually really good too for me. It’s been just as fast and accurate as the one in the Apple or Samsung flagship phone, so it’s actually not a home button.

It doesn’t press in at all. It’s just a surface that looks like a Samsung home button, but you can’t actually wake the device by tapping. It will have to either a double tap to display or use the actual power button on the side of the phone to get in and the actual software home button to go home. But once you do get in if the exact same software experience as a regular one M9 with just a few differences thanks to it actually being for the Chinese market Wichita get to in a second inside. It’s pretty powerful to its Rockin a 64-bit octa-core 2.2 gigahertz chip and 3 gigabytes of RAM. Again. That’s not the Snapdragon 810 or anything but it is packing a lot of power here and curiously enough even though it is a little bit of a bigger phone. It does still have the same size battery. So it’s still rock in a 2840 milliamp hour battery like the regular one M9. But the last big difference here is around the back and it’s the camera or cameras. It’s rocking a 20-megapixel sensor again this time with the round housing instead of square and give you a dual LED flash and then up top. You have your depth sensor again that one from the

Funimate of last year so that I’m not just even have this at all. Now, you can take your photos with all the glory of 20 megapixels and also still have a choice between some of its species corny dual camera effects not saying no be pretty photos, but pay the effects are there. So either way it is a slightly larger phone. It’s a slightly different phone. It’s pretty comfortable to hold in a hand still have the same button placement as the original one M9. But everything else is straight from that already popular Flagship. So from the excellent build quality to the pretty much unmatched boom sound speakers Soda Springs to mind what we saw it with the prime phone of last year. We had to self named LG G3 Prime and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and I did a video about both of those soda explaining what prime phones are and the same applies here. This is TC 109 + is another one of those phones that’s only going to be sold in China. And if you want to get it in your pocket, you’ll have to import it which comes at a cost of its own set of 2 dbrand skins for helping out with

That and yet has its own optimizations for that market because as far as HTC is concerned this is what the Chinese market wants and when I’m 9 weeks here in u.s. Stores is exactly what the US market want. Now I’m not saying I disagree with that but I’ll tell you right now I would have loved to see the one M9 Plus in stores here considering that it’s basically objectively a better phone than the one I’m not in a couple of ways. Also there have been Rumblings of a Samsung Galaxy S6 plus and as far as I know this photo which was given to me by an anonymous source is the first one on the internet of that. So there’s your exclusive and we’ll have some pretty similar X1 specs and be a sort of a super-sized version of the original Galaxy S6 today. Go plus is the new Prime. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll talk to you next one piece.


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