What is a Chasm pbsd here and this is the long-awaited full review of the brand new HTC One M8.

So really when you’re talking about the One M8 from HCC last year’s M7 was a killer in terms of design and we compare it to its future Flagship rival from Samsung Galaxy S5 that actually have basically identical internal specs which means the design in the physical way. It feels in the hand is more important than ever really couldn’t be a bigger difference between the two so I’ll be comparing them in a separate video later. But if you watch any of the promo material for the M8, you’ll notice it’s all about that design in the build quality and material choices. And that’s really where this phone excels that’s his highlights. And it’s the same material we have over the old HTC one but it’s obviously a little bit bigger a little bit more round and in a few different colors that are obviously inspired by some clothes competition. So this we have here is the silver Ma and now I like I said, it’s more rounded and HTC likes to boast a certain stat that the oldest tc1 exterior was made of 70% metal and this new one and they

Is 90% metal, that’s true. But because of this change actually think the old one fit better in the hand see the size of the phone were flat. I’m sure that’s you know, the polycarbonate not metal. But it gave you an edge like something that actually grabbed onto while holding the phone. It was flat the new HTC One rounds us off with more metal. So yes, it is now. We are 90% metal versus 70% but now there’s no Edge to hold onto just a slippery smooth anodized aluminum all the way around the phone and also has his phone is a bit larger to accommodate that bigger 5 inch display bigger than last year’s the whole chassis is a bit bigger and that makes it a little bit harder to reach that top power button, which is moved from the left side to the right side on the top of the device. But if we’re being honest here, I think the power button is in the wrong place entirely. I think it should be on the right side of the phone where it’s easier to reach with one hand specially for people with smaller hands, but at least it’s a little bit better than last year, but one thing that’s not in the wrong place at least to me.

Is the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone here? And that is why I like it. Also the whole top of the phone is an IR blaster so you can turn on and off your TV with an included app.

On top of all that there is expandable storage in this sealed phone. So there’s a tray on both the right and left side of this phone. The left side is where you put your sim card, but the right side will fit and support microSD card up to a hundred and twenty eight gigs 128 GB that is ridiculous. And you know what? I’ll drop 128 gig micro SD card Link in the description. If you don’t believe me very useful for storing movies or apps for music and stuff offline. I am a tall person. I use big phones cuz I have big hands but still even such a tall phone because of that back material being so slippery. It’s a little weird to hold and I definitely found myself using two hands to hold a lot of times but really A because of that power button placement. There’s a lot of movement going on in the hand and I really would have rather had it on the side of the phone, but overall it’s obvious that this is designed to be a premium feeling phone and I think it definitely accomplishes that a lot of people are going to hear the speakers in the meatly think wow. That’s really nice why people are going to see the Des

Play in immediately think wow. That’s really nice and just feeling his phone next to something like a Galaxy S5 or an iPhone or an LG G3. It’s going to feel very different in hand. And that’s very important to people in the store when they’re about to buy it. And then when they’re using it now, as long as you’re talkin about Hardware at there’s a certain feature on the back of this phone that people just can’t stop talking about and that is the camera or the dual cameras on the back AC got a lot of feedback last year with the only species ones camera that UltraPixel camera a lot of positive but also a lot of negative in terms of the photos that it took in the features that you got out of it, but ECC decided to go ahead and keep that UltraPixel camera. So it’s still a 4-megapixel sensor on the back with that Mane element and they haven’t had an added some stuff in a subtracted some stuff out. Obviously that’s worth going in-depth take a look at this camera specs here. We’re looking at another 4 megapixel camera dub the UltraPixel camera again this year two tone LED flash similar to the iPhone 5s and a

Secondary 2-megapixel depth sensor to keep it simple. And this sensor is used for a couple of interesting software effects will talk about this system is called Duo camera now notably missing that we saw in the M7 is Optical image stabilization. So the camera software the interface it which you can get to just by rotating the phone sideways and capping at volume button is quite nice simple brakleen for intuitive and ridiculously fast like it’s very very very fast focusing and fast taking shots. The closest thing. I’ve experienced to instant shudder on any Android device. I love that and there’s some flexibility when taking regular shots with this manual mode, which lets you manually change ISO and exposure and actually save those settings of the custom camera if you want so it’s a lot you can do here. The software is a nice blend between Simplicity and capability like you can really control a lot if you know what you’re doing or you can just leave it alone and take night shots in Auto and then there is the duo camera. So after you take

A shot and you open it up in the gallery you fix your shot and you hit that edit button. You see a couple of effects along the bottom and these are called The Duo camera effects and he’s will appear when your shot is compatible. So the most well-known one is called you focus, which lets you tap the part of the photo you want and focused and it’ll use software algorithms to blur the rest of the photo and try to reproduce a natural Boca that you would get from a really nice camera or some nice glass now to look pretty nice, especially on the phone smaller screen, but I know that they can keep working on it and make me a better since they’re updating it through the Play Store but a lot of times you find the effects looks pretty artificial and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all and I seen the photo being compatible before I found that you have to be very careful when you use this Focus the fact you’ve your photo needs to have a very obvious subject in a very obvious background, but you’ll need to be far away enough that when you take your photo everything is already in Focus so that it can select what

In Focus after the fact, so if you do this, right you don’t like for the best Eevee you focus effect after the fact, but if you get too close for the backgrounds naturally bored already, you’re never going to get it back by clicking on it and it looks terrible. So you really have to take an obvious foreground and background photo to get this to work pretty cool lets you add effects to only the background to really isolate the subject or Dimension plus which uses that extra depth information from the second sensor to make this trippy 3D image that response to the gyroscope of the phone really cool stuff. That looks okay on the phone, but really not that great anywhere else now when it comes to the actual photo quality of the photos of takes there are some really strong characteristics of a photo from the M8 that you can see like a mile away one really for dynamic range either crushes. The dark’s or blows out the highlights like every time to is a pretty nice, but also pretty dull exposure sometimes underexposed. It really doesn’t like

Taking an image in making it too bright but also tends to have under saturated colors and three is the resolution obviously it’s coming in at Just 4 megapixels, which is of course not terrible, but it means that the front facing selfie camera fun fact is actually a higher-resolution coming in at 5 megapixels for those super detailed Instagram selfies is it’s pretty good. It’s okay again those 4 megapixel photos. They look fine on your display on your phone and they’ll look fine sending it to the web as long as you’re not reviewing it blowing up huge long as you’re not printing it if you’re not looking at on a 4K display, if you’re not zooming in a tall, it looks fine. And a lot of those effects again will look really cool because you can’t see that it’s only 4 megapixels. But if you’re looking at your photo Enthusiast, if you really inspect pixel peep those photos a lot and you do light editing and share them on more than just the web. You’re going to want to check out some of the 812 even 16 megapixel photos on cameras like the guy

ICF S5 and Note 3 and others so definitely not the best camera on the market but it’s certainly decent mid-range. I would say I would have loved to have Optical image stabilization back to be said about the software besides a camera software. This is HTC Sense 6 on top of Android 4.4 and I think it’s my favorite skin on top of Android right now. I don’t get me wrong. I still Luv stock Android and I would still take that any day of the week and I have a lot to say about the Google Play edition of this phone. But this version of HTC software since 6th is the least intrusive yet. It really feels like an adjustment to Android rather than a layer on top of it. I performance is also excellent throughout obviously since this thing is powered by Top Notch Hardware a top-notch graphics opening and closing apps and flipping through your daily user interface super quick. Everything is very very responsive and you probably expect that and it looks kind of nice. Like I said, it feels like an adjustment to stock Android one nice.

Stop notice is the notification bar color changes depending on where you are in the phone. So if you’re in the home screen or the lock screen in notification bar is clear, but in certain HTC apps the color of the notification bar changes to match the app. So in BlinkFeed for example to the left of your homescreens, it changes to Green to match and it doesn’t quite smoothly and all the other stock HTC apps that come with the phone have the wrong color and I have that effect on the notification bar on I guess non HTC abscess change it to Grace. Oh, yeah. I’m liking that. It’s a nice touch and little things like this are sprinkled here and they’re inside of since 6 to really spicy the design and I do think it looks nice also ACC stepped up the display size. So we look at a 5-inch 1080p display here now instead of 4.7 and that gives us on-screen buttons for some 6 to work with so your software home back and multitasking button and you can also swipe up to get to Google Now like on a Nexus Unfortunately they kept that chin bar on the phone with the HTC logo.

But I’ve been told by a few that they needed to keep the device this tall to fit all the components including those massive beautiful. Boom sound speakers. In fact, let’s talk about the speaker’s let’s talk about them. They are awesome. Why aren’t they standard actually is my question. They make every single other phone literally every other phone sound like crap on so you can’t get much better of an audio experience in a phone than this you get a much more immersive gaming experience. I actually enjoy watching YouTube videos and listening to music on this phone. The alarm clock is ridiculously loud in the morning, I which I guess is also good and the drivers are so big and so far apart. They actually get a bit of a stereo effect when things move across the screen and a good movie is brilliant. I love it. So I have nothing bad to say about the speaker’s other than the fact that they are so big that they make the phone really tall and HTC has also come up with a way to combat the phone’s tallness since the power button is kind of hard to reach.

Not with a few ways to turn the display on without ever touching That Awkward replace power button the stuff might remind you of LG’s Flagship so you can double-tap the phone when its upright to turn the screen on that’s Nifty. Are you can swipe down when the screen is off and that will start voice calling which unfortunately sucks at recognizing voices. It’s not Google voice recognition, but it’s there and it works. You can swipe left to bring your home screen up. So if you’re in a nap or something and you swipe left from the off screen, it’ll bring you right home again. It always goes to your home screen and same with swiping right that’ll always bring you to BlinkFeed wherever you are. So can you could be in a nap or doing something and if you have your screen off and you swipe right now get ready to BlinkFeed lastly, you can swipe up and to that will bring you to just wherever you were last if you were in an app or your home screen, wherever you were and you swipe up you’ll be brought right back to that screen you left off at so it’s all this knowledge in theory. You’ll never need to touch the power button again, except to turn the screen off.

So HTC is doing some really nice stuff with sense including pulling a Motorola and making a couple of them like the gallery and a dot view case functionality available in the Google Play store, which can be updated really quickly. And for free now all that being said, I do have the Google Play edition of The One M8 in household thumbs up. If you want to see you’re a separate video review of that but a lot of these features from Sense 6 that are moved to the Play Store will also be available on the Google Play edition, which is why I have a lot to say about why the Google Play edition is probably going to be my most used phone. I’m really liking Google Play edition HTC One M8 for the sense features. You’re probably going to want to get the traditional one other thing. I was impressed with with his phone was the battery life. Now. It is a sealed back phone. You can’t get into this and swap out the battery, but it’s got a sealed in twenty-six hundred milliamp hour battery is a little bigger than the old HTC One you least you see one didn’t have the best battery life in the world. But this thing is great. It is a power sipper.

Would not have any problem recommending going a whole weekend with this phone with light use. I’ve gotten two full days that you said his phone and it’s definitely a very light battery user when you’re not really using a whole ton engine 1.5 inch 1080p display is on and your gaming and you’re using it a lot. It doesn’t burn through battery like some other phones I’ve used. So this is one of the best batteries in the market even though it’s not a 3000 milliamp hour battery or 3300 milliamp hours still great. I’ll show you some of the usage stats have gotten out of it. But typically I can get through a full day pretty easily with this phone. I haven’t been able to wear it down in a typical 24-hour used. So, I usually don’t use auto brightness on phones. I usually manually control the brightness because they tend to have some weird sensitivity problems. But this is one of the first ones in a while. I’m okay with the way uses auto brightness outside turns it all the way up inside tones it down to a comfortable level than happy with the auto brightness on this phone. I usually don’t even have to talk about that song over.

All I got to say this phone has a lot of good things going for it. And I’ve enjoyed the hell out of using it for the time that I have. And like I said, I do have a lot to say about the Google Play edition of this phone. So again, that’s probably going to end up being an entire separate review video. But for now, I got to say this is one of the best ones you can buy going to store. Try it out. You’re probably going to like holding it and that’s going to be a good reason to buy it by itself because the suspects are so similar to other Flagship. So check it out. I don’t have any reservations about this phone. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the camera, it takes good enough shots that this is probably one of the best phones you can buy right now. It’s the one I made thanks for watching guys, and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one.

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