Hey, we’re the guys entered HD here and better-late-than-never HTC 10 final verdict as a smartphone. This is a really really good phone. So you probably already knew that but after using a song for the past couple weeks, I kind of realize it surprised me how underrated it is. It’s just really good at a lot of things and I think most everyone would agree. It’s the complete package. So it pretty much Nails everything you look for in a flagship smartphone. So the build and nails that this phone is all metal all the way around. So anytime you’re holding it you’re touching metal, which is awesome. And the sides are also pretty flat which is important. So even though it’s kind of a chunky phone. It’s easy to hold and then for looks it has this big champer all the way around the edges of the rounded back and that really characterizes device. So there’s plenty of other metal devices, but the champer color is sort of changes as it catches the light from different angles. That’s really nice like classic HTC. Hey, you know what the most underrated piece of Hardware that actually really makes a smartphone is

Red buttons, seriously and HTC 10 has grade buttons a textured clicky power button and a separate very tactile clicky volume rocker. So a good grade for both of those. The only knock I have on the build is that is not ip68 water resistant, but it is still ip53 technically so it can handle a misting just fine now the display it also pretty much nails that so you working with a 5.2 inch Quad HD super LCD display. It looks good as you’d expect pretty vibrant and color accurate not the brightest thing in the world, but now just barely visible in outdoor sunlight and looks great and sharp everywhere else the speakers. This was an interesting point compared to previous HTC phones because those were legendary for boomsound front-facing speakers on the HTC 10. We have two speakers one larger driver on the bottom for a low and mid frequencies and another one up in the earpiece at the top in the cut out for high frequencies and they work together sort of like a wolf or a tattoo.

Repair at it sounds pretty good. It’s definitely way better than the worst beers out there. So it’s good, but it’s still no front-facing stereo pair which is what I got used to from HTC in the past and other devices now like my Nexus 6p now obviously this isn’t a big deal to some people plenty of people will use headphones anyway, which are great with this phone, but it’s something to note. This is a pretty middle-of-the-road speaker setup specs. Of course it nail those Snapdragon 820 chip adreno 550 GPU 4GB of RAM and as a bonus expandable storage, so there’s a SIM card tray on one side and the other side a MicroSD card slot for those that cherish that has made a comeback in 2016 and in the performance Department, this phone has stayed fast. I kind of mentioned in the first impressions video that it felt quick. Obviously that’s right out. The box for responsiveness is on point and this is something HTC worked on a lot with their new software and I’ve had no slow downs with day-to-day use with this guy. So opening and closing apps is quick.

Multitasking is quick and a lot of the normal in-between stuff feels so quick and snappy because the animations are shortened a lot. In fact just the software in General on this phone since 8:00 is not one of my favorite skins. I’ve seen on Android to date in a long time. It’s pretty close to stock Android and look and feel and I like that not just because it’s stockish but because it’s good and just that one extra levels customization Beyond a cynogenmod ROM or something. So you have STCU theme store and couple extra features here and there and Hardware optimizations, but still I mostly stock feel so I dig it moving duplicate apps to clean the app drawer and make things less confusing was a good move and not overloading the phone with a whole bunch of weird features and gestures and stuff was also a good move keep saying simple top of that off with a 3000 milliamp hour battery and you’re looking at pretty consistently smooth performance that actually lasts a whole day. I’m not happy with again the battery life of Flagship phones this year, too.

The HTC 10 is getting me my 4 and 1/2 hours of screen on time and has great standby. So pretty much matches the Galaxy S7. If a little bit short and I almost never use any of the power saving feature some happy about that place that I saved. His phone is kind of lacking is the camera. I’m not recommending this phone to anyone just for the camera. So if you’re a person who takes a lot of photos or a lot of videos and is really into the camera, this is your number one choice. It’s probably top 10, but if not the best so that’s what you’re looking for. Then this is not your phone HTC 10 is rocking a 12 megapixel camera with an F 1.8 aperture Optical image stabilization LED flash and Laser autofocus all good specs on paper. It’s just above average so you can see from the shots. I taken you can definitely get really good photos in 4k videos out of this phone. No questions, especially in good light so color accuracy of solid nothing to do over sharpened or oversaturated to which is cool. And then with the F 1.8 aperture you can also get

That nice shallow depth of field and blurred background if you want. I’m in that also helps of course a lot combining with all is to do a little bit better than average in low-light. It still breaks down. But you know, you got the idea. I think it tends to err on the side of overexposure definitely has a bit more blown out highlights, then crushed Shadows usually but since it’s doing Auto HDR so quickly dynamic range is also pretty good. I put it in the top view cameras on smartphones for sure. But again the Galaxy S7 and iPhones are the world are going to take better photos for sure gets a lot of the little things right stuff like the expandable storage. Like I mention it’s a nice bonus for people who take a lot of videos and photos are have a lot of music. The fingerprint sensor is also a nice touch. It’s pretty quick not the quickest. It’s behind touch ID. And I’d say Samsung in Huawei but top five for sure and things like the super high-quality DAC. This Smartphone will actually drive your higher-powered headphones and those who pay attention will

Notice the great audio from the headphone jack into Sky. There’s also AirPlay support right out the box on HTC 10. That’s a first for any Android phone. So it has a lot going for it. 10:00 is a really good phone. It’s not perfect by any means definitely still has its quirks. We might consider flaws and it does most of what you would expect out of a flagship smartphone. So the beauty the power and a nice clean OS today will be even more interesting later this year. Now that we’re expected to see at least 2 and HTC made Nexus phone coming out later this year. Then I should take a lot of the design cues from this phone, but will Reserve judgment until we see that that’s basically it for this review. Thanks for watching. I’ll talk to you guys the next one.

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