A what are those guys into BHD here? And normally when you think of Android tablets, you don’t think of Dell and neither did I but they’re starting out 2015 on a pretty hot note with their first entry into the high priced midsize Android tablet category with this. This is the Dell Venue 8 7000 design is the number one thing. I’m going to stand out here. First of all, it’s the world’s thinnest tablet actually didn’t know that when I got it. It’s 6 mm spin, although not exactly sure. That’s a good thing being so thin it have square edges and being thicker would make it any more difficult to hold her anything and it’s actually kind of hard to pick up off a flat table. So I wouldn’t mind it being a little bit thicker or a little bit more rounded to house an extra battery. But there you have it. It’s super-thin and when you take a step back is probably going to remind you of the Sharp Aquos Crystal that I reviewed not too long ago, but blown up into a tablet size. So it has the three thin bezels around the top and sides and one big chin with

Front facing speaker and front facing camera on the bottom and this is a pretty polarizing design. I think it’s actually really cool for a phone but it’s a bit different on a tablet phones. These days are mainly for use with one hand in portrait mode, but tablets like this are Marfan use with two hands. So it gets switched to landscape a lot this Dell tablet really seems like The Mentalist a portrait and stay in one hand. Cuz when you turn it sideways things get weird and I was a speaker supposed to be on the left side or on the right side. There’s no Palm rejection technology like iPad says they got to be careful. But how you hold it on the thinner side seems like a design is better suited towards phones, but you can make it work. Now this speaker on the chin here. It’s a stereo speaker actually and it gets pretty loud, which is difficult to muffle by accident but there’s no stereo audio image since everything is coming from one side, which is a shame because it’s actually a really good speaker, but you do have of course that’s good chunk of metal over here on the side the grip to hold it and I got to say it was overall a very well-built tablet.

Gahanna to deal with the metal chassis and the tactile very clicky buttons. I like I’m sure you could bend it if you tried hard enough, but at least you don’t sit on your tablet. So the one thing I actually did annoy me about the building materials with his glass on the back. It does. How’s the rear facing cameras? I will talk about in a bit but it’s a serious fingerprint magnet, which is not pretty and also the first one of these tablets that I had shipped to me from Best Buy, the packaging was a little bit bumped in just a little bit on the corner. But because the tablets it’s so close to the edge of the packaging this little bruise turned out to be a big crack on the corner of the tablet the weakest spot. Obviously this isn’t going to happen to everyone but I have to mention it but my new one obviously has no problem. So these midsize tablets are getting more and more beautiful and powerful and this is an addition to both of those Trends. So it’s rocking and 8.4 in 2560 X 1600 OLED display and it is beautiful. I you can see what these don’t live wallpapers and all kinds of stuff you just seriously one of the best-looking tablet displays I’ve ever

Scene it’s 16 by 9. So it handles videos. Well movies look fantastic. And that’s really what these tablets are all about right media consumption and also gaming gaming looks really good again. If you can get past the weird grip ergonomics in the one-sided speaker is about as good as games can look on an Android tablet super bright colorful Vivid saturated review angles and everything is really nice. And with all these pixels gaming performance is also very impressive. But now I’m just, you know, playing regular not super intense games like a Leo’s Fortune and Riptide gp2 and Real Racing 3, but I have a small really well and I guess you could say portrait games are at specialty with audio coming out from the front facing speaker feels kind of like the thing was go for breaking Temple Run records. Anyway Pass Gaming all these pixels 10 to make near stock Android elements look pretty small but also very sharp and everyday performance with this 2K display. I did see dropped frames not really like lag or slow.

Yes, but definitely dropping frames which made animations look like they stutter even though they go to correct speed. I was rocking Android 4.4 KitKat hopefully lollipop very soon to improve performance a bit and it’s fairly lightly customized. So nothing too crazy like a heavy skin, but some stuff is added for the dell and Intel experience, but it stays pretty close to stock Android in the look and feel so striking an Intel atom quad-core processor at 2.3 gigahertz and 2 gigs of RAM and has little additions like maxxaudio which stays permanently in notifications, but it’s really just a shortcut to a super simple equalizer and stuff like my Dell in quick settings know things to flip to silence and Intel Smart Video, they all kind of sit and buried in the settings little things that I used maybe once or twice to demo them but then never really found myself using again, so I just really used it like any any other Android tablet really and the rest of the experience is pretty familiar. So it’s great for that stock Android KitKat is compelling to use here in portrait mode, which is fine if she

Weird because it feels like a giant phone experience instead of a small tablet experience has 3 camera sensors on the back that are pretty much impossible to take a picture without blocking them somehow but they’re supposed to combine to take 8 megapixel photos and also record depth information using Intel realsense technology and might remind you of what the HTC One M8 did with a dual camera. Sorry. I didn’t really use the tablet and I don’t really use my tablet to take pictures for any sort of exotic reasons other than to just have one to scan barcodes or something. So is there I didn’t I only really used it once because it required the Dell Gallery app to actually take advantage of any of these features. It looks like it worked. Okay, but yeah, I didn’t really use it that day. This is one of the more head-turning interesting looking Android tablets out there and it’s a risk, it’s not necessarily my favorite design. I still think there are better ways to do a midsize tablet, but I’m glad Dale took the risk and taking risks is good. That being said, I don’t think I would recommend this as my first choice for a tablet in this.

A size category. There are still over things like the Nexus 9 the iPad mini Retina and even the Nvidia Shield tablet. I think they’re all better buys for this approximate size and price. I would probably recommend this more if it was a hundred bucks less, but still in jail for taking a risk, and it’s their first dip at getting your feet wet in the premium Android tablet category. I would still give the edge to this in the display Department over pretty much any other midsize tablet, but it depends on how much you weigh that against the other things. That’s a Dell Venue 8 7000. Thanks for watching this review, and if you enjoyed it, so if we hit that Thumbs Up Button below and also has a subscribe button below if you want to see more videos like this or watching and talk to you as my next one, please.


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